M.J. (Martine) Millet

marketing manager

“I like to take a fresh look at things”

As long as I can remember I have a passion for excellent service, making people happy and staying connected. At home I enjoy just being together with people. I love good food, long dinners, and taking the time for nice conversations.

I am a doer who likes to roll up her sleeves. I like to innovate and to be the best; an A+. And I enjoy looking at things with a fresh perspective.

As marketing and communication manager at Yspeert, I can freely bring my passion to life. My main focus is on the visibility of the three locations, both online and offline. There is a clear vision for the future, but how do you propagate it? How do we want to be seen and which entrepreneurs can we help par excellence? By engaging in a dialogue and focusing on long-term relationships and strategic partnerships, we can show the strengths of our team even more.

Martine has over 25 years of experience in business services and the hospitality industry. She was, among others, consultant, restaurant owner, and sales manager. She was a co-organiser of SMC050 and the founder of Gastvrij050. She was also co-founder of the VTO, a network for enterprising women who believe in sharing and connecting. Martine is a member of the Management Team of Yspeert and responsible for marketing and communications.