mr. E. (Ellen) Leentjes

“When I’m triggered, I can be pretty fierce”

The more you know about something, the more interesting it will get. This also applies to my field, family law. As a child, I wanted to become an actress and a lawyer. I do see similarities. When arguing, for example, you are also facing an audience.  In my practice, too, you have to empathise with the client, but you should not get carried away. I have to look through emotions, stick to the legal relevance. It starts with listening. Then I apply structure and take responsibility. A role that suits me perfectly.

Ellen Leentjes is a deputy judge at the Overijssel District Court and registered as a mediator at the MFN. She completed the specialisation course in Family Law and the training as a lawyer-divorce mediator. Ellen is a member of the Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators Association (vFAS). She previously had various positions at the Dutch Bar Association.

Ellen Leentjes has been working as a lawyer for more than twenty years.