mr. D.V. (David) Orvalho

“You can always limit damage”

You cannot always prevent damage, but you can always limit damage. Especially with larger and more complex issues, it is nice that you can rely on someone who is knowledgeable and is not afraid to stick his neck out. Whatever happens, happens. It’s about what you do next to fix it.

Stay calm in hectic and stressful situations but do what is necessary. It is a role that suits me well and that I like to fulfil. As a former professional cyclist, I am used to performing under pressure. To prevent disputes from escalating, it is extremely important to communicate clearly and respectfully.

David studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam, with a specialisation in Contract Law and Consumer Law. He held various administrative positions. David was a lawyer (entrepreneur) in Amsterdam and previously worked as a lawyer at, among others, a multinational in retail and in the Construction & Infrastructure department of a large insurance broker.