Governments hold a unique position in society, intervening in the lives of citizens and businesses in numerous ways. On the one hand, governments are parties that unilaterally determine the legal position of citizens and companies. On the other, governments also consist of legal persons that are governed by private law that, just like any other (legal) person, may engage in legal transactions. The way in which governments may exercise their public law powers and act under private law is partially politically determined. Governments will always have to find a balance between its social tasks, its goals, its own business and/or economic interests and the special rules that any government must adhere to. These various interests can, in certain circumstances, be in conflict with each other. In order to advise governmental bodies and institutions on legal issues, it is therefore necessary to pay attention to and make a critical assessment of the applicable powers, duties as well as the political objectives.

We provide leadership strategies and proactive solutions by composing a team of lawyers that can identify and meet the specific needs of our clients. Our governmental team consists of experts working in the field of real estate, construction, environmental law, general contract law and state aid. During regular consultations, our experts share specific industry knowledge and developments. In this way we are able to ensure that all lawyers are up to date on subjects that are relevant to this particular sector. We also put emphasis on the development of sector-wide initiatives. Our team helps governmental bodies and institutions to streamline their legal processes, implement quality assurance policies and risk signalling through process management. We thereby focus on educating government employees and providing consultation hours.

Uw eerste aanspreekpunt:

Elzelou Grit

Elzelou studeerde Nederlands Recht (cum laude) specialisatie Staats- en bestuursrecht aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Zij werkte bij twee (middel)grote advocatenkantoren in Noord-Nederland en bij een bestuursrechtelijk en bestuurskundig onderzoeks- en adviesbureau voor overheden. Elzelou volgde de specialisatieopleiding Omgevingsrecht (voorheen ruimtelijke ordening en milieu) aan de Grotius Academie in Nijmegen. Tenslotte is zij lid/voorzitter van de Commissie Bezwaar en Beroep van de Provincie Flevoland. Deze commissie adviseert het college van Gedeputeerde Staten over de rechtmatigheid van genomen besluiten.

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