Tax Law

The practice of tax law involves providing advice on the structure of a variety of commercial transactions. The types of services provided by our firm vary widely, from declaring lunch vouchers and joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions. To this end, our tax experts collaborate internally with the corporate, labour and insurance law sections of our firm.

The structure of a business as well as its transactions can have significant consequences for taxes. Our tax experts design structures with those consequences in mind, while also taking into account the parties’ commercial goals. Our experts focus on providing an advice that is clear, thoughtful, and business-minded.

On occasion, tax-related disputes arise between parties regarding a transaction or with the taxing authority. Our tax experts can represent clients in administrative and/or criminal proceedings, private settlement negotiations, or litigation related to these controversies.

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Paul Kostwinder

Paul Kostwinder is gespecialiseerd in fiscaal- en ondernemingsrecht. Paul adviseert over bedrijfsovernames en samenwerkingen tussen ondernemingen, geschillen tussen aandeelhouders onderling, maar ook over de interne verhoudingen en verhoudingen met toezichthouders (governance en compliance). Ook procedeert Paul in geschillen met de Belastingdienst. Door zijn fiscale achtergrond is Paul zeer goed in staat de financiële en bedrijfskundige gevolgen van juridische keuzes te overzien en cliënten daarover te adviseren.

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