Private International Law

Private international law plays a pivotal role in cases that have a cross-border dimension. Think, for example, of a situation in which a Dutch entrepreneur contracts a party that is established abroad, or in the case of  marriage or succession, where the parties involved have significant ties to more than one country.

Private International Law is also commonly referred to as Conflict of Laws.  Conflicts that typically arise are centred around:

  • Jurisdiction – whether the designated court has the authority to resolve the dispute;
  • Choice of Law – determining which country’s law has to be applied to the dispute; and
  • Foreign Judgments – the recognition and enforcement of another country’s court judgment.

It is therefore not always self-evident that the Dutch court will have jurisdiction nor that it will have to apply Dutch law. Depending on the laws of the countries involved, and whether or not they differ in any significant respect, determining which country’s laws has to be applied can have significant consequences for a case. We advise our clients on how to prevent that they are confronted with a lawsuit before a Dutch or foreign court where the judge has to apply a foreign law.

Should you wish to enter into a cross-border transaction or if you are dealing with a claim from or against a foreign party, we are happy to provide you with specialist knowledge and representation. We encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your options regarding your international law matter.

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